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T-Rotor (Tethered Rotor)

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[Uconsystem Corp.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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T-Rotor (Tethered Rotor)

│ Description │

An automatic Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) UAV with a stable power supply from the ground that allows it to hover at a certain altitude. This UAV is able to maintain flight for an extended period of time with wire–wireless data communication facilitating simple and low cost operation compared to other UAV systems. The TRotor System is composed of an air vehicle, power controller, tether system, and ground station. The air vehicle is manufactured as a VTOL unit and has a structure for long endurance flights. It is fitted with a flight control computer and an INU.

The power controller consists of a high efficiency rotor and controller that can control the motor with optimum rotational speed.

The Tether system is composed of a cable, winch, sensing equipment, and bed. The cable supplies the power and signal transmission while the winch is used in lifting and lowering of the vehicle. The sensing equipment checks the towing status and the bed allows loading of a ground vehicle.

The ground station is composed of a ground control station (GCS) and a ground power supply station (GPSS). The GCS transmits the control commands to the air vehicle and receives the image processing information that is provided to the user. The GPSS provides power to the GCS and the air vehicle.

│ Features │

1. Automatic takeoff and landing
2. Advanced flight management system
3. User friendly operation
4. Low life cycle cost
5. Large variety of payloads

│ Specification │

1. Size: 1.2 m (diameter), height 0.7 m
2. Weight: 20 kg
3. Operational altitude: 50 m
4. Wind speed limit for operation: 10 m/s
5. Operational time: more than12.0 hrs
6. Propulsion: Electric motor (tethered)