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[Uconsystem Corp.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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│ Description │

UCONSYSTEM offers a revolutionary, transformational UAV, the RemoEye-006 for surveillance, sensing, and communications in the high-tech and evolving battlefield.

Our RemoEye-006 is one of the most technically advanced and tactically oriented UAVs in the world. Developed by UCONSYSTEM, a company operated by experienced and specialized veterans of unmanned systems, every aspect of the UAV system is a direct result of a focused effort to deliver superior mission performance, highest tactical suitability, and simple operation.

UCONSYSTEM RemoEye-006 is a mini-scale, lightweight UAV. It can be preprogrammed to fly along preselected routes or can be operated in autopilot mode. Its flight mode can be changed during flight. In the Emergency mode, it automatically spirals up to the line of sight for communication recovery or returns home on its own.

│ Features │

1.Full autonomous flight
2. Waypoint Navigation
3. Speed / Altitude-hold
4. Auto-homing
5. Preprogrammed flight
6. Flight path changeable during flight
7. Target position displayed on video screen
8. Real-time video target acquisition
9. Day / Night flight
10. Battalion sensor to shooter system link
11. Artillery guide
12. Dead zone reconnaissance
13. No visual or auditory detection at heights over 300m

│ Specification │

1. Wingspan: 2.72 m(8.9 ft)
2. Length Overall: 1.74 m(5.5 ft)
3. Max launching weight: 6.5 kg(15 lbs)
4. Max level speed: 75 kph(40 kts)
5. Operational range: 15 km
6. Operational time: 2.0 hrs
7. Propulsion: Electric motor


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